1. The strategies to be shared with your staff members have led to very large student achievement gains under Ms. Peterson's guidance.
  2. Gains have been large among special education students, even without additional accommodations.
  3. There is a focus on reading comprehension (and mathematics).
  4. Sample lesson plans are included in training materials.
  5. Metacognitive instruction helps students learn how to learn, creating spill-over effects in all subjects.
  6. Students learn effective strategies to the depth and extent of making them habits.
  7. Staff professional development provides concepts, demonstrations, reference materials, review materials and example lesson plans for immediate use.

Mission: Our national goal is for adequate yearly progress in reading comprehension. Our international goal is to create world-wide competency in reading comprehension and foster global understanding.

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Ms.Peterson has had extensive successful experience in using metacognitive instruction with a wide variety of student groups, including ones that, with other methods, often fail to achieve adequate yearly progress.

METACOGNITVE STRATEGY INSTRUCTION: Achieving Adequate Yearly Progress Copyright 2008
Rainbow Day: Pre-Reading and Post-Reading Strategy Instruction Copyright 1999